Our mission is to take the drudgery out of managing and growing an e-commerce SMB business. We make it as easy as possible to manage your inventory online.

Our objective is to earn your business by earning your trust. We do that by pricing our products and services reasonably so that you see HippoStep as a good choice to help sustain and grow your store.

HippoStep Simple Listing Tool in a nutshell:

  • Simple, yet powerful piece of software – it manages your inventory through various channels.
  • Easy to use – you can amend anything yourself.
  • Fast, light and most of all intuitive.

Additional goodies:

  • We supply image hosting service for free. All your software needs will be met by in-house tools which will in turn give you a higher level of security.
  • We guarantee that you get what you have paid for - no hidden fees as it is with most other e-commerce management providers.
  • No contract required – feel free to leave at any point. Your listings will not be affected; we will keep your images in our galleries for 90 days so that you have enough time to restructure your imaging setup.