Dance with the Hippo

High quality multi-channel listing services for small and medium businesses.
Software solutions for existing listing management.
Ad hoc data script development.
All made easy.

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Awesome Services

The most popular HippoStep services that you will love instantly.

Inventory management

We create brand new listings for your items and/or optimize your existing listings. We also have our own inhouse listing tool.

Listing design

We create attractive designs that are eye-catchy and sellable. Yes, we can put a dancing kitty if you insist, but we’d strongly advise not doing so unless you sell related products


We examine your online historic sales and determine why they are less than it can be expected by pinpointing areas of improvement. And we are really polite about it.

Script building

We will help you be as lazy as you want by creating useful scripts that will do all the work for you. Yes, we are that cool.